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About Melissa


Ask Melissa how she became a writer and she’ll give you two reasons:

stubbornness and an idea.

The stubbornness began at age twelve when she trekked to the mailbox in a Canadian blizzard and opened the letter she’d been hoping for — her poem would be published in a book. She knew then writing was her future. And hopefully, hot chocolate to thaw out her toes.

The idea came years later when she met her Marine Biologist husband. Together, through car rides across the country and conversations over burned homemade pizza, they created the tropical world of her debut novel, SEA OF KINGS.

Though still a Canadian at heart, Melissa escaped the snow and now lives in Florida with her family, a bipolar cat, and a growing collection of scuba gear.


Even though writing is her passion, Melissa has developed an equal passion for the writing community which has shaped her career in the last year. Through her AuthorTube channel and her Instagram, which has reached over 10K followers, Melissa shares writing advice and updates on her own writing journey. 


If you'd like to learn more about her books, please visit her Books page. 


Want to get in touch? Contact Melissa  through any of her social media platforms! She loves to hear from you!

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